This travel blog is a place for me to share my travel experiences and things that I have learned while traveling the world with my husband and friends.

The photo credit for the above photo belongs to the very talented Alex Claus of Le Fotos. He is for hire and will travel anywhere in the world and take splendid photos.

My wanderlust adventure began in August of 2010, my husband and I travelled to Paris, France to get married. Since then traveling the world has occupied my mind like nothing else. We travelled to France for 9 days with our wedding garments and did not check a bag. This is really where the organized travel part begins. Since then, we have travelled Europe many times and have never checked a bag. Our longest trip to date was in December of 2013; we went to Italy for 3 weeks and each only had a small bag and a 30 liter backpack.  Even then we over packed. During each trip we have kept a running list of things that we wish we would have brought, and things we should have left at home. This list, while it may not right for everyone has been the reason that we have enjoyed our travels as much as we have and not had the horrible experiences that other travelers have had, because we were prepared for anything. My posts will cover a wide range of travel topics such as; Prepping for a long flight, my travel bags, what he wore, what she wore, how to plan each day, What to do (and not do) in Paris and many, many more.

We do not have children, only our dogs and they do not travel with us. If you are looking for advice on how to travel with children that have special needs, my best friend has offered to guest blog on occasion, sharing her advice and tips for traveling with a child with Autism as well as other non child related travel advice.


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